Cingular Launches CU400, Adds PTT

has launched on Cingular’s website with something we didn’t know about: Push To Talk.

We knew Cingular had plans for PTT, but we didn’t think it would debut with such little fanfare and on such a pedestrian phone. Sure, it’s got 3G, but it’s a cheap-o otherwise.

In addition to the CU400, PTT can be enabled on the Pearl, the Moto V365, Samsung D407, and SE Z525a. Until more phones on the network have the service, we don’t see it being very popular, though for a family, the $19.99 plan is actually a fairly good deal. And since this phone is only $29.99 with a 2-year contract, you can probably afford to outfit your whole clan with 3G goodness. Unless you’re old-school Mormon, that would just cost a fortune.

LG CU400 [Cingular]