Fedafi on the block

Fedafi, the Glasgow-based startup which makes it possible for anyone to create, manage, market and track valid RSS and Podcast feeds, is for sale.

According to the blog today by founder Gary Reid:

“After some major changes here it’s with a certain sadness that I have decided to sell Fedafi. Fedafi is a business I’m passionate about, in an industry I think is on the edge of something amazing – RSS and so it’s not a decision that was easy. Fedafi took 9 months to get to where it is, it has been thoroughly tested and is ready to come out of beta, providing both a download application and hosted version it has a sound business model that can produce income that doesn’t rely on advertising/eyeballs. I am putting together details of the sale and interested parties can contact me directly gary [at] firstpagedirect [dot] com to grab a copy of this, to avoid ‘web sale rubbernecking’ I won’t be sending this information out to everyone and anyone – NDA and disclosure required. Do I have a guide price? No. Do I have a BIN price? No. I will be taking offers, this isn’t a fire sale and I’m not in a hurry to sell. As for Fedafi itself it is business as usual.”

This is highly ironic, given that I went to a First Capital breakfast seminar this morning on selling tech companies (of which more later). I put in a call to founder Gary but the phone didn’t seem to get through – perhaps he’s swamped with offers…

I just got off the phone to Gary (who got a ping-back to his post!), who says he is drawing back from the site for personal reasons pertaining to his private life (hence the sale), but would prefer someone took it over and built on the progress so far rather than just shutting it completely.

Looking at the Alexa rank (for what it’s worth) it looks like the site stil has plenty of life in it: