iSoundCap Looks Shady, Holds iPod

If by chance this holiday season, you either plan on robbing a liquor store or hitting the slopes, then we have the must-have iPod accessory for you. The iSoundCap is a pretty basic looking ski cap that you wear on your head when it’s cold out. The only catch is that the cap has a little pocket for an iPod sewed into the side. You can still control your iPod via the clickwheel and it’ll stay protected thanks to the water-resistant design.

It’s made of 100% acrylic so I’m sure it’s sort-of comfortable. No price or release date has been announced, but pay any more than $30 for this thing and you’re a sucker. Just get a waterproof case next time you go skiing and you’ll be golden.

iSoundCap offers iPod-ready Ski Cap [iLounge]