James Kim Found Dead

after making a wrong turn off a little-used road.

His wife Kati and daughters, Sabine and Penelope, had been released from the hospital just yesterday, and have been with their family. They were found Monday by hired helicopters in fairly good shape, given the situation.

James had been apparently leaving a trail for rescuers, clothing and pieces of a map had been left at intervals. This conduct was in keeping with his resourceful nature: reports say that within the first few days of their ordeal, James had fashioned a siphon to retrieve gas from the tank of stranded Saab, which he used to keep his family warm, and made long-burning signal fires with pieces he’d cut from the car’s tires.

These survival qualities gave searchers and the public that was following the story high hopes. We, like all of you, were pulling for James Kim, and our hearts, thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to his family in the aftermath of this grave turn of events. Though it may be nothing in the way of consoling to those involved, it’s worth noting that our final thoughts of James Kim will be that of a hero, as well as a responsible father and husband. We hope that we should be even half as attentive and resourceful as he if we were to be in such an adverse scenario, men like him come along not often enough.

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