Sony-Ericsson Z310 Comes With Good Looks, Good Features

I’ll hand it to Sony-Ericsson: They make some great looking phones and the Z310 is definitely one of them. Equipped with a mirror-finish on the front of the phone, this clamshell comes in black, bronze or pink. An integrated icon display appears on the front of the phone and is similar to that of Sony’s 8GB MP3 Walkman.

Tech specs on the Z310 are pretty sweet. Be prepared for EDGE, HTML-capable web browsing, 7 hours of talk time/300 hours of standby on one charge, Bluetooth, MP3 Playback, ambient light effects for when you receive a call, photo blogging with its VGA camera (when will they learn?!), Infrared, and IM.

For what I’m guessing will be an entry-level phone, the Z310 is tricked out decently. If only companies could learn that VGA cameras are so 2004, then this phone probably could have been perfect. Oh well, it’s still a rad phone. The Z310 is scheduled to hit markets in Q1 2007, but no price has yet been set. Keep your eyes open for this gem in the new year if you’re looking to upgrade.

Sony Ericsson Z310 [I4U]