RFID Guardian Provides Security From That Dude With A Chip In His Hand

Not everyone has really caught on to RFID and how it can be truly utilized. I mean sure, it’s used widely by businesses and logistics companies for tracking shipments and such, but personal use for RFID is rare and under-appreciated. The RFID Guardian is a mobile, battery-powered “personal firewall” against unauthorized RFID tags in your vicinity. So basically, if that one dude who implanted an RFID chip inside his hand comes over to watch some football and you don’t want him to, you could use the RFID Guardian to alert you when he’s inside your personal space.

Real uses of the RFID Guardian are plentiful though. The main concern is that as technology advances, privacy will diminish and RFID readers will become more commonplace. Say you have a credit card that uses that new “Speedpass” system but don’t use the system for fear of your credit card information being transmitted in an insecure manner. You could carry around the RFID Guardian with you and when it starts going completely crazy inside your local 7-11, you’ll know they offer those pesky “Speedpass” systems and will kindly take your business elsewhere. You can also setup RFID Guardian to allow friendly RFID chips into your space in case you do happen to like that guy with the chip in his hand. Keep an eye out for progress on RFID Guardian at their website.

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