Brando Adds USB, SD to Car FM Transmitter for MP3s

, and we’re often into the new stuff they come up with, like the Car to USB FM Transmitter with LCD Display.

It’s not unlike many other FM transmitters for MP3 players out there, it plugs into your cigarette lighter socket for power, and broadcasts your audio signal on any one of 15 predefined stations.

What’s different is that in addition to the requisite mini-plug for your device’s headphone jack, it also includes a variety of other audio-in methods. Like a USB port, so that you can use a standard USB flash drive to store your songs. That’s cool. Or it’ll work with your player’s docking port as the source.

And if you don’t even have an MP3 player, or just don’t feel like taking it off of your hat, you can stick a standard SD card full of songs into the slot on the bottom and hit play on the included controls.

This device offers more ways to input digital audio than you’ll need, but that’s good. We’re hoping Brando can come up with a hardwired version, as there aren’t enough clear channels in the city we live in to make this wonderful device worthwhile. But if your locale is fairly clear on the FM front, this is a winner.

Car to USB FM Transmitter with LCD Display []