Google Not Giving Up On VoIP

Just a few weeks after Google announced that they would pull the Click to Call service from Google Maps, Anthony J. Cataldo, chairman and CEO of VoIP, Inc., told CEOcast today that his company’s technology is still working with Google.

Click to Call was pulled from Google Maps in late November because too many people were using it to prank local merchants. Cataldo does not mention this on the call, nor does he talk about how the two companies could prevent it. Although Google reinstated the service after they reportedly pulled it, we did not find any safeguards to prevent the problem from happening again. When the service was initially pulled from Maps, Google replaced it with an SMS service.

“We [said] back in January that we had a deal to provide Click to Call services for Google,” Cataldo said in a Webcast. “Google likes to keep its competitive edge and so do we. We’re very excited that Google has chosen our network and is incorporating our technology platform to connect customers and merchants. It has innovative products that expand its reach into new markets and we look forward to working really closely with them to further expand the applications for Click to Call.”

Recently, Click to Call was added to Google in India and Cataldo says that his company is providing the technology there but would give no details on the implementation.