Inland Crams Three Devices Into One

We love gadgets that solve two problems at the same time. We call that “convergence,” and it’s a wonderful thing. It’s especially interesting when a gadget solves not just two, but three problems.

Meet Inland’s Aluminum Notebook Cooling Fan Pad with All-in-One Card Reader and USB Hub. It’s quite a title, but it’s quite a nifty piece of hardware, and it does just what it sounds like it does: adds space for airflow under your lappy, gives it a three port USB hub, and a SD/MMS/MS/SM/CF card reader, all in one unit.

The only downside to this configuration is that it’s not powered by your USB, you need an external DC power brick, so it’s not as portable as we’d like it to be. But if you work from home and in bed (and you’re not a Vince’s mom), then at $70, it’s not a bad deal.

Aluminum Notebook Cooling, etc. [Tiger Direct]