Video ga-ga

The whole Web TV thing seems to be heating up right now, what with the US blogsite GigaOm setting up a new blog called NewTeeVee

That site led me to this rather good summary of just some of the ‘Net Video plays out there over here.

Quite a list….and most of the UK plays like Mydeo, TIOTI et al are missing from it.

In addition, older model ‘Net players like Brightcove have suddenly discovered social networking and user generated content, and Olde Media guys like MTV are getting ‘Netting as fast as they can too. Even Second Life has its own TV channel now….

Now, is all this interest because (i) something has intrinsically changed in the way TV can be delivered over IP in the last 6 months or (ii) Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion ;)

(Though research seems to imply that blog-standard Web 2.0 sites are in fact growing faster than online video)

Problem still remains, as media analyst Bruce Springsteen put it:

“A message came back from the great beyond

There’s fifty seven channels and nuthin’ on”

Except that 57 seems a very small number now…finding all that stuff you want is going to be a major challenge…