Blue Beatz: Remix Your Stolen Music

case, you should think about picking up its terrifying audio-based offspring, the Blue Beatz.

Like the Disko, it’s a standard iPod case that has an electronic abomination integrated, this one on the back. By hooking your earbuds through the adapter on the top, you have access to “funky beats” at the push of a button. No, sorry, that’s eleven buttons. No lights here, but you can add layers of mismatched fills and digital samples of, I dunno, crap to your favorite songs, making them yours, and making you evil.

This adds a whole wicked dimension to your music. You don’t need the Kleptones to do your remixing for you, oh no. You can ruin perfectly good songs yourself. “Warm Where You Lay” by the Rosebuds can be utterly destroyed by adding a “boom-chicka-pop” breakbeat. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Don’t destroy your music, kids. Leave it to the professionals.

Blue Beatz Case [Buy dot com]