More Zune Hatin': Who Picks Brown? No One!

chocolate-brown Zune, but Business Week posted a little sales data from to back up the public sentiment.

On Dec. 9, the black Zune (Amazon counts each stock keeping unit, or SKU, as a separate product) was the 60th most popular consumer electronics item with Amazon customers. That’s a good performance only in comparison with the brown Zune, which ranked 292nd, and the white model at 423rd, suggesting that if you want to sell a white music player, it had better be an iPod.

Like I said, not really a surprise since I’ve seen no reports of love for the brown beast. What is kind of interesting is the brief mention of the SanDisk Sansa M240’s sales ranking at #6. So maybe there’s a little more public awareness that other companies than Apple make MP3 players that are worth owning. (I know you people already knew that, but I’m speaking of the common folk.) Combined with the recent Rhapsody TV ad campaign, SanDisk is poised to do some damage to Apple’s sales.

Brown is Not the new White [business week]