The iProjector Hooks Up iPod

One of the nicest features of the 5th-gen iPod is its ability to output video to a television. This is handy for travelers, as they can take several movies or even a season of their favorite TV show on the road and entertain themselves in their hotel rooms without having to pay $12 or having to explain “Ex Trek: the Next Penetration” to their bosses.

They can simply put their porn sci-fi romance DVD into their computer, use a compression program (like M2 Convert, which we are currently giving away tons of) to get the video into a compatible format, bring some AV cables, and they’re set. But if you’re not a ramblin’ man (sorry, ramblin’ person), there are other options.

The iProjector from Ion Audio is a fairly pedestrian video projector save one notable asset: an iPod dock. The projector puts the video from your iPod out at 800×600 pixels, better than DVD quality.

While there are higher-res projectors out there, and most user’s digital libraries are in other formats, the iProjector is a keen way to keep it simple.

No word on pricing or availability, but that should all become clear after the product is officially launched at CES in January.

iProjector to make its debut at CES 07 [Consumer Electronics News]