L Announces Fantasy 8-Core Laptop with SSD, Fairy Dust, and Elven Magic

Today, the state of the art in laptop power is dual-core, but if that’s not good enough, leapfrog quad-core and head right for 8-way power. That day is today. If, that is, L Computer’s claims are true. The Hollywood Pro X8, announced yesterday, is the company’s most advanced laptop to date, and features a total of eight cores, but it all sounds too good to be possibly true.

We don’t mean that it has every feature conceivable in one machine (it does), or that it’s ridiculously redundant just to be ostentatious (eight USB ports, friend), we mean that it has crap we’ve never even heard of, and we’re experts.

We don’t really know what RG FSAA is, or if we need it, but this laptop has it. In addition, your OS will boot from a 16GB solid-state drive, and everything else will run from the 160GB conventional drive. The brains come in the form of the dual Intel Xeon 5300-series processors, that’s quad-core times two. Your graphics are handled by the NVIDIA Quadro FX Mobile 2500M on the PCI-Express bus. It can handle up to 8GB or RAM, and has hot-swappable HD-DVD and Blu-Ray read/write optical drives, natch.

In addition, there’s a laundry list of features that might or might not make sense to you if you’re high-end workstation savvy (and if they’re not completely made up), but we’re not going to put in the effort to look them all up: there’s very little evidence to support that this laptop is nothing more than high-end vaporware. Other than a generic-looking laptop silhouette, there are no photos of the monstrosity.

Somehow, it’s vaguely reminiscent of the Republic Game Console.

NOTE – I’ve seen these guys “launch” crap for years and this is either a pump and dump scam or the work of a deluded mind. Buyer/Browser/Person Even Mildly Interested in this beware. – JB
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