When will Politics 2.0 happen?

Given that one of the questions posed by Loic Le Meur at Le Web3 was how will the web change the political system, I thought this link from Stuart Bruce’s was apt. Simon Dickson who writes the brilliant theyworkforyou.com has created a new mash-up of UK MPs using Google Maps.  From time to time I like to keep an eye on what my local MP Theresa May is doing, how she is voting on my behalf and where she is spending our taxpayer money.

It made me wonder why we still have overpaid (expenses, pensions, oversee jollies) (Euro) MP’s representing us. In the past they carried our voice to parliment but given the modern means of communication digg (voting), email and blogs (bi-directional communication), rss (topics of interest) etc do we still need to retain the same political system?