Defend Your Macbook with iSight

If you’re the owner of Macbook, then I suggest you take a look at this authsight program that works in conjunction with iSightCapture. The concept is simple. Every time there is a failed login on your system, the iSight takes a snapshot of the person who punched in the erroneous info. And you can set it to automatically upload the images to an FTP so you can track the person on the Internets.

Chances are though, you’ll just get a bunch of drunken photos of yourself as you try unsuccessfully to enter your info. In the event someone does snag your precious hardware though, I doubt the program will do much good. Sure you’ll have a picture, but good luck finding someone on a picture alone. Something like this would be incredibly useful once GPS is integrated in laptops though. Otherwise I think you’d just find yourself sitting, fuming at an unnamed image of a person.

Though I guess maybe the program could be adapted to log the IP address for wherever the image was uploaded. That’d be useful. You could track stolen gear with that info with relative ease. Yes that feature should definitely be added.

Download [via Lifehacker via Gizmodo]