Detroit Pistons MP3 Player

Looks like the Detroit Pistons are readying to become the next Chinese knock-off company. But don’t get on their cases just yet. Despite looking a lot like a first-generation iPod Shuffle, this $25 MP3 player is only 128MB and plays WMA and MP3 formats and comes with a beautiful Pistons logo on the front of the device. It could be the best thing to come out of Detroit since Ford and Eminem.

Might be worth picking one up if you’re a fan or not though, because a portion of the proceeds from each player are going to the Detroit Medical Center’s breast cancer prevention program. Plus, if you pick up six of them, they’ll throw you a seventh for no additional cost. You might as well grab a few for stocking stuffers and to help out a noble cause this holiday you cheapskate.

Detroit Pistons iPod Clone [Electronista]