M2 Convert Winners: Day 07

Another day, another round of M2 Convert winners. I’ve scoured the edges of Tuesday’s posts and dredged up 10 new winners for you all.

With only 30 copies left, we’re entering the final hump of the giveaway. But here are the winners for day seven:

  • Oscar
  • pt
  • Jarett
  • Ryan
  • Paul Murphy
  • Travis Stoliker
  • J242
  • Lp
  • Xavier
  • Jim Kukral
  • If you haven’t won yet, like I mentioned above, we still have 30 more copies to give away. And Friday we’ll be giving away a Nike + iPod adapter (note that does


    include an iPod), this could be a very useful gadget for the three or four of our readers who don’t sizzle under sunlight (you know who you are). To win a copy of M2 Convert or the Nike + iPod adapter, all you have to do is comment and use a legitimate email address. We’ll contact the winners as they’re selected. Enjoy.

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