Zubka in promo and partnership

Zubka – which allows people to tangibly benefit form their network of contacts and suggest them for jobs – has embarked on some pre-Christmas marketing. It’s promotion offers users a case of Champagne if their candidate’s details are accepted by a hirer between now and December 28th. How does it work? You send the job details to a candidate, provide a hirer with key facts and give each the other’s contact details.

From this month Zubka is also partnering with Ecademy.com, a largely SME-focused business social network which claims over 100,000 members [though how many of those are dormant profiles like mine?].

This Alexa page shows Ecademy’s hey-day was about three years ago (feels about right to me) – a while before co-founder Thomas Power (note: he has a “Centurion Star”!) started letting his rabid Plaxo software loose on members and before other social networks, like LinkedIn.com had got their act together.That latter site’s traffic went almost off the scale this year as you can see. Ecademy has also gone largely subscription which will have affected traffic.