Analyst Sheds More Light On Rumored iPhone

True or untrue, we love us some hot Apple gossip with a scoop of details on top. Rebecca Runkle over at Morgan-Stanley decided she’d throw out her two cents on Apple’s iPhone. According to Runkle, the phone will launch in the first-half of 2007, will have an impressive 3.5-inch LCD, and a hefty-ass price tag. Expect to pay $599 for a 4GB model and $649 for a 8GB model. Aside from your wallet being tortured, violated, and and left shivering naked on the side of the road, the rumored phone will come with a metallic casing similar to the iPod Mini and will be available in multiple colors.

Now this info makes me especially excited for the iPhone, but $649 for a cellphone is an incredible amount of money for anyone to pay. Apple better be throwing in a mobile version of OS X, iChat mobile, and a slew of other surprises if it expects anyone to shell out the cash for its upcoming phone.

Edit: In the meantime, all your base are belong to Blackjack. – Blake

Analyst: Metal iPhone to sport 3.5” LCD, up to $649 price tag [iLounge]