Apple Planning MVNO, Squashing Helio?

, we know that if we type the word “iPhone” again, our heads will explode, but what we don’t know is Apple’s plan for carriers. Kevin from Digg said he had knowledge that it would work on all networks. Of course, he also mucked up which technology Sprint uses, so we don’t count that as canon.

We mentioned briefly a couple months ago the idea that Apple might start up its own MVNO, like Helio or Virgin Mobile, to have more control over the total user experience than would be possible under an “unlocked” strategy.

TelecomsKorea agrees with us. In fact, it’s naming Helio as a possible casualty of such a plan, as Helio markets itself towards the same demographic as Apple: Young, hip, and with disposable income, people willing to pay for the lifestyle the brand affords.

While Helio isn’t exactly posting large numbers in the userbase column, we think it would definitely feel the pinch if Apple were to start up an iTunes-based or even .Mac-based network, as most of Helio’s features would be duplicated by Apple, and others (wireless iTunes, for example) would be introduced that couldn’t be easily matched.

At least Helio still has MySpace.

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