Hello Wii Video 9

Wii Video 9 is a homebrew app for the Nintendo Wii that allows you to play videos on your console. The app converts video files like DivX and .avi into MPEGs, which you can then drop onto a SD Card, all you have to do after that is insert the card into your Wii, navigate to the content you want, and you’re ready to roll.

You can download the app here, courtesy of Red Kawa. Watching videos on your Wii may not seem too interesting at the moment, but the fact that a homebrew app like this was created so quickly for the Wii certainly is. I’m predicting we’re going to start to see the Wii doing all kinds of crazy things come Q1 2007. I’m just waiting for some kind of DS homebrew app that will let me play Elite Beat Agents on my Wii.

Your Wii can now play DivX Files [destructoid]