Hotty McHotHot Rumor: iPhone, Monday the 18, For Reals

Gizmodo likes rumors about as much as it likes trannie hookers: it can’t get them out of its head. So when we got a tip that the big cheese at the Giz was confident the iPhone would be dropping on Monday, December 18, we decided to to lay low and see how it pans out. But then when a couple of friends of minions of accountants of lawyers started whispering, “no, really,” we decided to pay attention.

We fully expect in every way the iPhone to be announced in January at MacWorld, but the looking glass says that this might be the big one. So why would Apple plop the damned thing on the 18th? To take advantage of the Xmas free for all that creates free publicity. If the source is correct, and he’s quite literally placing his rep on this one, then next week will be completely insane.

What do you think: iPhone on Monday, or has Giz lost its mind?

Gizmodo knows: iPhone Will Be Released on Monday [Giz-god-damned-modo]