Just Look at the Sony-Ericsson W880

Sony-Ericsson is known for style, and the latest up-and-coming, much-rumored phone raises that bar even higher. The W880 is the product name for the phone formerly known as the Ai.

SE had announced it would start making its handsets thinner while making them even more feature-packed than they already are, and this metal-cased device is a strong start.

Not only is it slender and slick, but it’s got pretty much anything you need: a 2-megapixel camera, UMTS/HSDPA connectivity to your provider’s 3G GSM network, stereo Bluetooth, and a secondary camera on the front for video calling.

This phone is still in developmental stages, but we’ll drop another post as soon as it’s cleared FCC. If we see it in the US, look for it on Cingular sometime this Spring.

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