It's Time To Thank The Sponsors

Every couple of weeks we take a moment to thank our sponsors for making TechCrunch possible. Now’s that time. Thank you to our sponsors and, as always, our loyal readers.

TechCrunch Sponsors:

  • Carbonite – Carbonite is a simple back-up solution that I have been using for the past couple of months. It allows you to automatically back-up files in the background while your computer is idle. They still have a special deal through Techcrunch, where you can get an unlimited trial for one month. No credit card needed. All files are encrypted and can be deleted from their servers within 72 hours.
  • Text Link Ads – TLA is an excellent revenue source for bloggers and website owners, and a great resource for advertisers. You can also use their product to insert your own announcements or ads into your RSS feed (see the TechCrunch feed to see how this looks). They still have the free $100 ad starter kit to get you started.
  • Compete – is a web analytics service, which includes its own toolbar. Check out our most recent story on Myspace vs. Yahoo’s traffic and Compete’s own take on the matter. They have a toolbar that alerts you to malicious sites, special deals, and site profiles, which you can download here.
  • oDesk – Need a developer? Check out oDesk. They have contractors standing by to fill your needs. Each contractor also comes with detailed report card like this. To get more details, check out their tour here.
  • Edgeio – Edgeio means internet classified listings. They have been consistently adding over a half a million listings to the site each day. Their RSS search feeds, geographical slider, and ability to add to Delicious, Digg, and the like make it easy to use.
  • Wild Apricot – If you are running a non-profit, Wild Apricot takes care of all of the technology so you can focus on your mission. Wild Apricot has a series of products to manage website hosting, event management, contact databases, donations, online payments and more. They have an affordable pricing plan for even the smallest organizations.
  • Media Temple – Media Temple is our primary hosting provider, and we love them. We’ve recently started to consolidate all TechCrunch Network sites to Media Temple hosting, including Crunchgear most recently as their page views have outgrown their previous dedicated server provider. As always, MediaTemple has three separate solutions, grid serving, dedicated virtual servers, and complex hosting. The dedicated virtual solution gives you full control over your serving, including root access. You can install anything and also pay a little extra for their PHP performance or Coldfusion packages.

To get more information on any of our sponsors, just click on the links in this post or on their 125×125 advertisement on TechCrunch. If you are interested in sponsoring TechCrunch, more information is available here.