BlogKits Matches Writers To Advertisers

blogkits_logo.jpgA company called BlogKits launched on Monday with the goal of helping to monetize the blogosphere. The company matches smaller-potato blogs to advertisers and provides a risk-free way for both to work together.

When most people begin blogging, it is not with the purpose of making a million dollars. It is because they have thoughts swimming around their head that they want to express in a public forum. But maintaining a blog takes money and I’d wager most new bloggers don’t know the best way to find advertisers to support their site.

One option is Google’s AdSense, which is a contextual pay-per-click model. Another is BlogKits, which only charges advertisers if someone actually makes a purchase. So if you’re reading a blog and you decide to click on the eBay ad, eBay will pay the blogger a percentage of your transaction. If no one ever clicks or buys anything from eBay through your site, neither you nor eBay will ever exchange money.

blogkits_screen.jpgBlogKits costs bloggers nothing. They need only register their site.

“The reason this works in our model is because there are 50+ million bloggers out there according Technorati, 99 percent of which are what I call ‘low-traffic bloggers,’ or ‘real bloggers’ – people who are getting maybe 100 visits to their blog per day,” said Jim Kukral, founder of BlogKits. “That’s our target. These are people who started a blog because they want to write, NOT to learn how to be an expert marketer. We help them keep blogging, taking the confusion and difficult parts out of the whole ordeal, so hopefully they can concentrate on writing excellent content instead of worrying about making money.”

BlogKits is owned and funded by the Forge Corporation, a marketing firm, which is why the company has connections with such high-level advertisers in just its first week of business. Some advertisers already working with them include eBay, Starbucks,, and StubHub. Kukral said that the company has already signed up a few thousand bloggers.

“The best is getting that email from them saying they have had AdSense on their blog for the past six months and made $10 total, then saying, ‘I’ve had the BlogKits ad on my site for three days and made $10 in commissions,'” Kukral said.