Sexy Mvix Media Center Unboxxxing

Your TV isn’t ready for the Mvix MX-760HD multimedia player, but the guys at think theirs is. Not only did they write about how slick this device is (by slick we mean it puts out 1080p, like any of our TVs can handle it), but they also took some great unboxing pics and put them in a flickr album. Like regular porn, gear porn is hottest when it’s made by amateurs.

If you can’t wait for the iTV (or Mac Media Center or whatever), this device might appeal to you. Besides the usual media formats, the box plays back DivX natively, as well as Xvid. That’s hot. And it does it via 802.11g, so you won’t (hopefully) experience the stuttering you get from the inferior “b” standard. Jerks. You can control it all via USB 2 if you’d like, and we’d recommend bringing your own hard disk, it’s upgradable, you see. For only $330 or so, you can have one, too.

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Flickr album [Flickr]

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