Some Minor Improvements

Just a quick note to mention a few things I’ve added to the page. First, I’ve decided to show the tags. These tags are essentially tiny feeds, so if you like iPod stuff subscribe to (note the “feed” at the end of the URL). You can do this with authors as well.

Next, there is a tiny recent comments box on the side. That will keep us all informed but will also probably get hit by spam. We’re trying our damnedest to cut the spam out and Akismet is working amazingly well, but feh and fie and foe – it’s still there. Anyway, it lets you keep up with recent comments on some of your fave posts. Good enough.

Finally, our growth coupled with these features and the fact that our server is apparently a 286 with 64MB of memory, is knocking us out like a King Hippo in Punch-Out. Our great reader Andrew point this out so we won’t have the IE explosion problems anymore, but please bear with our crap for now.

Again, thanks for your patronage and love. We wouldn’t be in the happy position of suffering because of our traffic without you guys.