The Skype's the Limit

is cheaper than standard analog long distance, we know this, but it’s still a watch-the-minutes-tick sort of deal for many. In the interest of the holiday season, Skype has announced its first discount unlimited calling plan, and its cheap.

For just $15 a year (you read that correctly), you can make all the Skype calls you want. No limits, no evening minutes, just talk time. You have to sign up before the end of January, however, to get this deal. Otherwise you’re looking at a whopping $30 a year. Oh-em-gee!

In addition, you’ll get $50 in online coupons for headsets, phones, or other gear to use with Skype. We’re not sure how the economics work on their end, but frankly we don’t care. If you’ve been thinking about Skype, sign up now.

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