USB, Optical Snow Globe Mouse

The only creature stirring on your desk this Xmas should be a mouse, a snowglobe mouse, really (haha!). It’s your standard optical USB mouse with scrollwheel, with the exception of the damned snow scene in the palm rise, which is made of transparent plastic. Shake it up, and artificial snow falls slowly to the ground through the Astroglide-like substance inside. There it rests at the feet of a half-inch plastic snowman, smiling happily to himself, despite the fact that he will be melted into the sewer this time next week.

To complete the effect of a total happy holidays theme, the front of the mouse includes a large, white smiley face (perhaps that of the soon-to-be-slushy snowman?), with the scroll wheel as the nose.

Available in Japan now, and, knowing our luck, here before Xmas.

SnowGlobe Mouse [Thanko, of course]