NYC Cabs Getting TV and Location Tracking

If you live in NYC like some of us, you know that cabs are nothing exciting. They’re just fast transportation (well, sometimes at least) from one point to another for when you’re drunk as a skunk. All that is about to change though, thanks to a new touchscreen the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission showed off last week.

Set to debut in the next few weeks, the touchscreen features news, weather reports, restaurant reviews and shows the current progress your cab is making to your destination. Those who lose personal items in the cab will be able to call the cab company up and track down their items much quicker. You’ll also be able to start paying with credit cards thanks to the new system (about time). If the sounds emitting from the device become annoying, you can just mute it for a calm ride crosstown. New Yorkers should thank the heavens and keep their eye out for these during the holidays.

New NYC taxis to have TV and tracking [Silicon Valley via Digg]