Release Your Inner Peeping Tom With A Cellphone Telescope

Allow me first to mention that if you have a cellphone and use it to take pictures, chances are you know that anything farther away than 5 feet is going to look like a big ol’ blur. Luckily, now you can snag this mini Mobile Phone Telescope to grab great shots of friends far away, distant locations and people undressing in their bedrooms at night. Yes, we know that people may actually use this accessory for legitimate reasons, but you and I know damn well that every peeping tom out there just ordered three dozen of these things.

Currently, the Mobile Phone Telescope is officially only available for the Nokia N70, Sony-Ericsson phones and other Nokia phones. Chances are you could probably rig it up to work with your existing cellphone, but we’re not promising anything. You can grab one for $19 online. Restraining order not included.