Emerson, IXT Launch Affordable Karaoke Add-Ons

Looking to do a little extra entertaining for the holidays? Like karaoke? Then you’ll be ecstatic to find out that Emerson and IXT systems are bringing the public a whole host of karaoke add-on products to use with your iPod, DVD player or computer.

For example, the $29.95 Handheld Microphone DVD Karaoke Converter with Holiday Party 60-song Twin Pack DVDs (pictured) connects to any DVD player audio-out ports and TV audio-in ports. The disc goes into the DVD player and blends your vocals with the music being played through your TV.

Similar sets allow you to do the same with any computer with a DVD drive and a version for iPod allows the included vibrator microphone to handle both audio- and video-out signals.

Emerson Karaoke [press release]