Joytech Presents Wii Powerstation

The Joytech PowerStation for the Nintendo’s Wii provides you with two rechargeable battery packs (finally!) for your Wiimotes. The PowerStation also acts like a dock, allowing you to store your Wiimotes and charge them at the same time in a provided cradle. Each PowerStation can house two Wiimotes and connects to your Wii via USB. The docking station also has handles sticking out on each end giving you storage space for your Nunchunks.

The Joytech PowerStation has a release date of Jan. 26, will be going for $39. Seeing as how this is probably the best accessory for the Wii so far, I’d probably preorder it when available because this peripheral is going to be in very high demand. The Wiimotes are hard enough to store to begin with (unless you just throw them in a box with all your other controllers), throw in a docking station, Nunchuck holders, a cheap price and you’ve got a great Wii accessory.

Joytech releasing Wii rechargeable battery packs with PowerStation charger