Optical Joystick You Say?

Samsung brings us some mobile goodness, they’ve launched the first mobile phone with an optical joystick. The SCH-V960 which hits stores in Korea this month is outfitted with a 2-megapixel camera, GPS, documents viewer, microSD slot and Bluetooth. What’s great about this phone is the optical joystick and the ease of use through the interface it allows users. It’s pretty much like using a mouse but on your phone! Duh. With the joystick you can navigate your way through Samsungs’ MyScreen, similar to that on your desktops and gain quick access to your messages, photo albums and music.
Now I wish my Sidekick 3 had this feature: ‘Smart Lighting’ which is an illumination sensor that controls the brightness of the LCD screen and keypad. Oh how my weary eyes must squint and struggle to see what’s on my Sidekick3 screen. Oh please please Samsung bring these stateside.

Samsung SCH-V960 [Samsung Press Release]