MediaLounge Takes Hi-Def TV Wireless

We like the convergence renaissance going on right now that makes it easy to download content from the Web and view it on your TV or home theater system. The ability to display this digital content without a real physical media is the promise of the last half of this decade, and D-Link knows it.

We’ve seen wireless TV streaming boxes before, but D-Link ups the ante with the MediaLounge DSM-510. It looks much like ordinary set-top digital video boxes, but keen eyes will note an HDMI output, as well as optical audio and standard composite HD outs. This is what’s needed to download and watch HD content on your TV wirelessly, and the feature set is what we expect to see in Apple’s iTV when it’s unveiled. In the meantime, the $240 price-tag on the D-Link is tempting.

D-link launches high definition MediaLounge player [Aving News]