Traffic On Your Samsung

Just released from Samsung is their new terrestrial Digital Media Broadcasting mobile phone, SPH-B5800, which features traffic updates every 5 minutes via TPEG as well as tourist spots and restaurants along your selected route. Sure you can have a GPS system and listen to the radio for updates but the B5800 will show you current traffic conditions by telling you whether it’s “cleared”, “sluggish” or “congested”. It’s even nice enough to reroute you with your best option and lets you compare different options with different traffic conditions.

Now for the goodies: the B5800 allows users to enjoy ‘User Created Contents’ via ‘Photo Movie Maker’ and you know what that equals…Awesomeness! Which means you can save your picture slides, which I don’t think any other phone can even do, and turn them into videos. No other big surprises for features other than the standard MP3 player, 2-megapixel camera, an audio book function, 330,000 word electronic dictionary (may or may not change if it hits US shores), file viewer and ‘My Pet’ function which is basically like having a Tamagotchi. The B5800 will also feature an optical joystick like function to navigate through menus but Samsung is nice enough to locate these on the sides so your pudgy fingers don’t take you somewhere you don’t want to go.

Better save up because this will set you back about $650!

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