$2500 PS3 Coming?

Jumping jeepers, I thought Sony took Kutaragi off direct management of the PS3 because of stuff like this? As it turns out, Kutaragi is “promising” an “AV-centric” PlayStation 3, which will be used for media capabilities other than gaming.

The next PS3 not only carries a hefty price of $2,500, it also features a power supply unit, anti-shake insulator, twice the memory of current PS3s and two HDMI outputs. Apparently, this newer PS3 will be used for enhanced audio and graphic capabilities, which leads me to believe that this new system is more of a development tool than it is a console.

Are we to see a PS3 workstation in the future? I hope not. For the first time I’m hoping that Sony doesn’t follow through with this one, it’s just too absurd.

Kutaragi Promises More Expensive PS3 [last boss]