Reader Response: Holiday SPECTACULAR

Oh sleepy day. I’ve been cleaning my house half-awake, listening to downtempo. I hope you all are more prepared for the holiday onslaught than myself.

So before everything hits, I wanted to take advantage of the Christmas Eve lull to formally announce the next installment of Reader Response, our Holiday SPECTACULAR edition. We’ve got a lot of good stuff for you all this week.

gift cards worth $36 each. Which is more than enough for a case and shipping. There is little question that ifrogz makes the very best iPod cases available. They’re fully customizable and quite attractive. I should also note that if you’re a slacker (like me) and looking for an absolute last instant Christmas gift for someone, you can get a virtual gift certificate from ifrogz.

. We’re giving away two pairs of Ultimate Ears 3 Studio headphones worth $99 each. Ultimate Ears are essentially the ultimate addition to any MP3 player. They make the best earbuds I’ve yet to try—I use the 5 Pros.

So this is how it’s going to work. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, we’ll be selecting one person to win an ifrogz gift card. Then on Wednesday and Friday, one lucky winner will be receiving both a gift card and a pair of Ultimate Ears headphones. Don’t ask why we’ve chosen those particular days. I assure you highly advanced algorithms were used in deciding the most effective days for giving away each prize (read: the decision was completely arbitrary and I decided the order last night while delirious drunk on Johnnie Black).

The rules are as always. Commenters will be judged on both frequency and quality of comments. To win, you absolutely must enter your email address in the commenter information field. We will not select anyone who hasn’t entered an email address.