Python XM Bianco Laptop Bag Looks Good, Can Play Rough

Behold one of the coolest laptop backpacks we’ve seen in awhile: The Python XM Bianco form Booqbags. Although extremely pricey at $179.99, this bag has tons of pockets, holders, and can protect your laptop in extreme conditions. The website says it can hold a Macbook, 15-inch Powerbook, 17-inch Powerbook, Macbook Pro, and a 17-inch Macbook Pro.We’re pretty sure it’ll hold other non-Apple laptops of the same dimensions as well.

The Python is also made out of ultra-durable materials and has a basllistic nylon exterior with a stunning dark brown interior. Python also claims you can can use the bag for hundreds of other uses. Sounds good to me. It even comes with a 5-year warranty. Better act fast if you like what you see though. Only 250 are available and they’re going to go fast.