Reader Response: Holiday SPECTACULAR Days 01/02

So I totally intended to post an ifrogz winner yesterday, but it just didn’t happen. Bit too much Maker’s and too many distractions. In fact, I’m still hung over. I’ve been gorging myself on leftovers all day hoping to make myself feel better, but it seems to be having the opposite effect so far.

That does, however, mean that today I owe you two winners. The comments from yesterday were a bit sparse, mainly because we had so few posts, but I managed to extrapolate (is it just me or does that word sound obscene?) a winner from the bunch.

Perhaps it’s a matter of charity, but after receiving only socks and underwear yesterday, I feel the clear winner for Monday is Sydney. Today had a bit more posts and some more comments and I’ve decided on a winner. Isaiah is the winner of Tuesday’s case. I’ll be sending codes to you both shortly.

We still have a bunch more prizes this week. Tomorrow and Friday we’ll be giving away an ifrogz gift card worth $36 plus a pair of Ultimate Ears Studio 3 headphones to one lucky winner from each day.

The rules are as always. Commenters will be judged on both frequency and quality of comments. To win, you absolutely must enter your email address in the commenter information field. We will not select anyone who hasn’t entered an email address.

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