Dyne Tuny 9 and Tuny 11 DAPs

Just a heads up that Dyne is releasing the Tuny 9 and Tuny 11 in Korea and both look sexy as hell! You can pick them up in 512MB (why even bother with this size anymore), 1GB, and 2GB versions. The Tuny rocks a 2-inch 176×220 pixel display and is only half an inch thick. You also get 18 hours of battery life, TV out, Bluetooth, FM radio, and support for multiple codecs. Pretty sweet right?

The Tuny 11 is a bit trimmed down and only has a 1.7-inch screen and no Bluetooth or TV out. What a shame. They both look incredibly well designed though and I’d buy one in addition to my iPods. Hopefully someone gets smart and starts importing these from Korea soon. No word on pricing.