Magic For All You Gamers

No not Magic the card game…nerds. In case you were wondering about that Samsung Magic Station that Biggs told you about way back when in October here are some stats that are sure to entice and make you cry.

The Magic Station has Intel’s Core 2 Quad CPU so you can kick everyone’s butt on WOW, watch some Pron and bid on that blow up Paris Hilton doll you didn’t get for Christmas. Ok so maybe all of that at once would make your brain fry but the Magic won’t skip a beat with its 1GB of DDR2 667 MHz memory, 320 GB SATA2 HD and Nvidia GeForce 7650 512MB graphics card!

Launching in January, you better sell some of those Black Lotus cards because this will set you back about $2,365.

Samsung Magic [Chosun Ilbo]