Plastic Strips Play Back Analog Recordings, Scare Gear Bloggers

We’re trying really, really hard to determine if Talking Tape is cool as hell or scary as hell. You tell us.

These pieces of plastic tape have audio messages along the lines of “happy birthday!” encoded on them using a technique similar to the pull-string dolls of your youth. It’s analog, an audio recording and playback system similar to the grooves in records, but the run perpendicular to the length of the tape; when you run your fingernail down the plastic band, or put it on a balloon to make the balloon talk (!?), the raised edges in the plastic vibrate through your chosen medium enough to express a week “congratulations!”

Double-you tee eff. Cool or creepy? You decide. Sadly, you cannot record your own audio onto the tapes at this point, but if they figure out a way to do that, we’ll give it our thumbs up.

Talking Tape [Grand Illusion]