Bluetooth Nav System From Samsung

Here’s another one from Samsung, the STT-D370 which includes TPEG and T-DMB, two digital content transfer systems, but the best part is you can make/receive phone calls and SMS text messages through the microphone and speaker phone via bluetooth. Mapping seems to be ramped up by Anycall Land and Samsung claims its built in Real 3-D mapping offers the best graphics on the market. The Bluetooth Nav has a 3.7 inch LCD screen, supports an SD card and a super long battery life that allows users to not only use it in the car but also on foot. It even acts as your own personal media system, translates all those files you’ll be looking at while driving and even looks up the words you don’t understand.

If you’re in Korea expect to pay around $600 for one of these.

Bluetooth Nav System [Mobile Korea TV]