Helping Hand: Support The Family of James Kim, Indie Artists

has been touching to anybody with a pulse, that much is certain. If you’re one of the many people wanting to help the family, but don’t know quite how, we have an answer for you: buy art.

A collection of indie arts-and-crafts stars have banded together to donate many, many, many wonderful pieces to a series of auctions that starts today. The entire proceeds of the eBay auctions go to the James Kim Memorial Fund, a trust fund that directly supports Kim’s family and his daughters’ college funds. It’s a beyond-worthy cause, and you get cool art, what could be better?

Sure, the holidays are done, but that doesn’t mean your giving spirit has to be. Find something you like and go for it. You’ll feel better for having done so, trust us. The auctions end January 7, so fire up your PayPal account and start bidding!

Kim Family Auction [Item listings]