Samsung NAND On Steroids

Looks like Samsung has been supplying some juiced up 16 GB NAND flash memory to mobile device manufacturers. The new chips are based on 50-nano technology and the company says it will be able to pump out some 32 GB memory cards that are capable of holding “8,000 songs, 30+ hours of DVD recordings and 200 years worth of newspaper archives.” The write rate is double and read rate is 1.5 times what it is now because the chips will function on 4 KB units as opposed to the 2 KB chips. With a slew of mobile devices, camera’s, media players getting slimmer and tinier it’s no wonder manufacturers are looking for memory storage that won’t crap out. Samsung hopes this will be a jump off for new convergence chips like moviNAND which combines a multimedia card controller, on-board firmware and NAND flash memory. Mass production is set for early this year.

Flashy Flash [Korea Herald]