Sonic's QFlix Frees Your Movie Downloads

You might soon see a “Download to DVD” option on some popular film and TV download Web sites like Amazon’s Unbox. Sonic Solutions announced today that its QFlix technology has been approved and licensing agreements made with Hollywood studios to finally allow consumers to create DVDs on demand from downloads.

QFlix assuages the studios’ piracy concerns by letting you burn content to secure CSS (content scrambling system)-encrypted DVD media, creating a disc that’s playable in set-top DVD players and computer drives, but that can’t be duplicated. However, for consumers to take advantage of it, you’ll need to be “enabled.”

The obstacle to getting things off the ground is that you’ll need to use a Qflix-enabled DVD recorder, Qflix-enabled DVD recordable media and Qflix-enabled software for PC or CE devices.

There is a bright spot, though. The system can also be used in retail kiosks, which would give you access to just about any movie or TV show you could ever want to own on DVD. You would just pick from a catalog and it would immediately burn content to DVD.

QFlix system will lock DVDs [variety]