Add a Second Hard Drive to Your MacBook, MacBook Pro

, laptop drives top out at about 200 GB, one-fifth the capacity of a desktop. MCE Technologies, however, has come up with a way for MacBook and MacBook Pro users to push the envelope.

By removing the optical drive from your Mac portable, MCE’s OptiBay makes room for a secondary hard drive with capacities of up to 160 GB, for a theoretical maximum of 360 GB. Pricing starts at around $250, and includes the hard disk and an external enclosure for your displaced optical drive, so save for a little portability, you really lose nothing in the modification.

We’re not sure exactly what this would do for your Mac’s warranty, we’ll leave that up to you to research. But if you’re looking for a way to optimize your Mac’s storage, this is an interesting place to look.

OptiBay [Product Page]