Balcony Grill for Us Urbanites

It’s a balcony barbeque!

I know, I know. CES is just days away, and it’s a barbecue that has my expensive panties in a wad, but I desperately want this, though it does not actually yet exist. Perhaps it’s out of consideration for the neighbors of others, or perhaps out of concern for fire safety, or perhaps because it’s from some German-sounding guy’s mind, but it’s just a concept at this point. But I love this kind of thing. When someone has an idea so simple yet brilliant that it induces cries of “why didn’t I think of that!?” then I know I’ve found something to love.

I have a small balcony just like the one in this photograph, so I can actually envision myself using this to give my Foreman Grill (Lean, Mean, Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine) a rest. In fact, I even photoshopped what it would look like on my Seattle balcony. Allow me to editorialize:

Thank you.

Bruce Grill [via Gizmodo]